This jumping video rocked me.

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People always ask me… what jump program I recommend.  I always used to tell them there wasn’t one I recommend.  But my mind has recently been changed.

The world of vertical jump training has changed.

If you have been looking or ways to jump higher, run faster, and achieve your athletic potential you might feel OVERWHELMED.

You may have tried tons of exercises, diets, techniques and achieved minimum results.

This is the all-to-common story of an athlete.

Wasted energy, motivation, cash… wasted potential on programs that simply don’t work.

Now the power has been put BACK into the hands of athletes…. here’s why.

When you understand HOW to train properly you have no more excuses.

Enhancing athleticism is a science.

Muscles react a certain way to stress, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This is why you must learn to stress and recover the right muscles, in the right way, in order to get the results you desire.

There’s no secret.

The truth is increasing your vertical jump is more than just increasing your strength.

It’s also increasing your quickness.

If you are strong AND quick…. now you are EXPLOSIVE

Strength + Quickness = Explosion.

Many athletes are only training one of these variables and getting only HALF the results they could.

There are 9 facets to increasing your vertical leap.

The Jump Manual targets all 9 facets in a complete and easy to use system.

There are literally thousands of testimonials from people using the system.

You can see them here – view video testimonial.

This is all fantastic but perhaps what impresses me the most about this system is the support and coaching they provide.

EVERY single question you ask will be answered and usually in a few hours.

They also do live coaching sessions every week to answer EVERY single question you have.

Jacob Hiller (the creator of the system) believes that every athlete should understand not only what to do but WHY to do it, and thus by doing so will become a more effective trainee.

Plus they have a full money back guarantee!

Check out this site for the full scoop, but for those of you who have asked, this is the program I recommend.

Learn more about Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

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